Eternal Death Wake

Annual  GothIC  Festival By SUBKULTURE


Who wants to play the next EDW?

October 01, 2012 0 Comments EDW Goth Ball by

Would you like to see your favorute band? DJ? the next EDW SF and Manila?

Most memorable EDW

November 30, 1999 0 Comments EDW Goth Ball by

Share your most memorable experience at Eternal Death Wake

Japanese Rope Bandage at EDW

November 30, 1999 0 Comments EDW Goth Ball by

Have you watch Nawasi Shinobi and his dominatrices at EDW?

EDW 10 in San Francisco Rockit Room

November 30, 1999 0 Comments EDW Goth Ball by

EDW will be in San Francisco for the first time with 

1. Former Humans (For Fans of The Damned , The Mission UK) coming all the way from Los Angeles ! (Featuring Former members of Ex-Voto, Blood Penny, The Widow etc.) |

2. Tremor Low ( For Fans of Joy Division etc.) |

3. Limnus (For Fans of NIN, AFI, the Cure) |

4. Dominion ( for Fans of The Cure, Sisters of mercy, The Cult)|


1. DJ XIOLA ( Club Requiem ) |

2. DJ NECROMUS (Club Aparittion)|

3. DJ Michael Nibbi 

Music : New Wave- Post Punk - Goth - 80's

EVENT Highlights:

GO-GO Goth Girls
Masquerade Contest (*Create your mask and get a chance to win)
Horror Film 
Celebrating Ten Years !
Get a Chance to be Featured in Subkulture Magazine !
Give aways and MORE !


EDW 10 Makati B-Side

November 30, 1999 3 Comments EDW Goth Ball by

Prominence Of Cathedrals
Scarlet Tears
Corvus Crowley
Mr Bones and The Boneyard Circus
Ode To Laluna
Nawashi Shinobi and his Dominatrices Japanese Rope Bondage (Live BDSM)
DJ Fleschwounds
DJ Chaos Cradle
DJ Lestat
DJ Wapbamm (Angel Cain)
DJ Boadicea
Dark/Horror Costume Appearance ( From Lady Ariadna Potrido's Group)
Gothic Lolita Models ( From Gothic Lolita Philippines / Dorotee Sweetlips)


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