Eternal Death Wake

Annual  GothIC  Festival By SUBKULTURE


About EDW

The Eternal death wake (EDW) aka Eastern Goth Valley is the Philippine's First and Foremost Gothic-Industrial Festival  that has existed for almost a decade now, It is Manila's Highly Anticipated and Attended event each year and Asia's longest running Dark Music Festival for almost ten years. Always IMITATED BUT NEVER DUPLICATED ; Subkulture's Eternal Death Wake Festival was the brainchild of 1980s Japanese Goth Icon Haruhiko Ash (Eve of Destiny / The Zolge , Evil Boy productions) and Doi PorrasSubkulture),Haruhiko had the vision of creating the first Asian Goth Festival inspired from Germany's Wave Gothic Treffen a European festival that he frequently played in , Haruhiko personally chose Manila and Subkulture to execute this with his blessings, Its first inception would be considered upon the arrival of Eve of Destiny and Kozi ( Malice Mizer) on April 2002 for their Philippine Tour, this critical event in Subkulture's history cemented the EDW as Asia's First Annual Goth Festival bar none.
The EDW has been featured in Major Publications and TV such as FHM Magazine , Lemon Magazine , PULP Magazine , Burst Magazine Japan , Philippines Today USA , ABS CBN TV , CHannel 4 , The Festival was also sponsored by  Jack Daniels , AXE Cologne , San Miguel Beer , Colt 45 , Southern Comfort , Mp3 Manila , Philmusic , , NU 107 , 99.5RT , GMA TV  , RPN TV, NU 107, Suicide Girls, Pulp,Death Watch Asia, Dark Asia, Morbid Tattoo, Bandstand, Musik Lokal
It is reputed to have imported International acts such as : Kozi (Malice Mizer) Japan , Eve of Destiny (Japan) , DJ Eiji(Japan) , Psydoll ( Japan ) , Roughhausen ( Canada ) DJ NekroKael ( France).
All Subkulture Events are supported by: and  (Owner: Gerard Bumanglag a.k.a Aborted Life)
Philippine's Local Bands & DJ's who participated and supported Subkulture Events in more than a decade : ( not in order)
DJ's: DJ Rhuneschadows (Manila) , DJ Fleschwounds (Manila), DJ Wake (Manila), DJ Wapbamm (Manila), DJ Maggs (Manila), DJ Lestat (Manila), DJ Lance (Manila), DJ Masive-Sonik Torture (Manila), DJ Chaos Cradle, DJ Xiola , DJ Necromos , DJ Crow 1369
Bands:Dominion (Manila/ San Francisco) , Prominence of Cathedrals (Manila), Five Wounds To Enter (Manila), Apparition (Manila), Funeral Frost (Manila)  (Manila),Sea Of Rains (Manila), Late Isabel, Names Are For Tombstones, Scarlet Tears, Skies Of Ember, Sanctus, AnhuraOremus, Slave Drums, Oblivion Interface (Manila), Decay Transit (Manila) , Saffron Speedway (Manila) , Lintech (Manila) , Switch (Manila), Corvus Crowley (Manila)Solinari (Manila) , Oblivion Interface, Santus, Cerumentric, Lintech,DeepSleep, Ode To LaLuna,Mr Bones and The Boneyards Circus, Scarlette, Former Humans (Los Angeles) , Limnus ( San Francisco), Tremor Low ( San Francisco)    ( Please contact us if your band/name is not on the list)