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Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival


Halloween is just around the corner and the best way for you to celebrate it early is to be part of Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 this October 26, 2013 at B-Side, Collective, Makati City!
As annual music festival held every October, Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake is the Philippines’ first Goth inspired festival and is recognized by international Goth institutions and the like.
And on their eleventh year, Eternal Death Wake Music Festival will serve the following line up of artists/musicians for your pure goth pleasure: Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Lintech,  Ode to Laluna, Corvus Crowley, Scarlette, Switch, DJ Fleschwound, DJ Maggs, DJ Boadicea, DJ Wappbam, DJ Chaos Cradle, DJ Lestat, Dott Seki, and Cinema Explosion.  The Art of Shibari (rope tying/bondage) will be performed by Nawashi Sensei Shinobi.  Joining him would be Philippine Playboy Magazine centerfold of September 2013, Joyen Santos along with Ms. Lucy de 
And you need to be early because this event is FREE! - Free ONLY BEFORE 8PM!  You need to pay only P150 at the entrance for those who will be coming by 8PM + onwards which would entitle you for one beer!
This event is brought to you by Subkulture.  Subkulture is a non-profit music organization founded in Manila since 1994 by Gerard Delarosa, Doi Porras, Liza Gernan, Marvin Manalo, in which they promote Goth and Industrial music thru concerts/ productions / events and online magazine publications.
So for those who want to reminisce the good old 80’s dark, wave music and also to know the present and future state of Goth culture and music, I really recommend you to check out Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival!
Subkulture Productions Presents:
Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival (Subkulture Festival Manila)
October 26, 2013
B Side, 7274 Malugay St., Makati City.
COME BEFORE 8pm as the gates are free!!! Exactly 8PM, Gates Open @ PHP 150.00 with one free drink
For more information, please check out Subkulture’s website and Facebook Page:

Shadows and dark theater in Halloween with the goths



They shroud themselves in shadow and paint darkness on their faces, but in fact, goths are as fun as any crowd can be. Their music even has a theatrical sort of charm that makes it more palatable than most people might reasonably expect, judging from their out-of-this-world outfits.
This was a discovery that this very un-goth writer was surprised to make on Halloween of all days, at the ominously titled Eternal Death Wake—the longest running goth gathering this side of the world.
B-side—that little hipster hub in a quiet Makati neighborhood—was transformed into a sinister wonderland as gothic Lolitas, erotic steam punks, vampires, people bloodied and bandaged, even Alex de Large converged to dance, drink, and listen to the guttural screams and haunting melodies of their favorite gothic rock bands.

The sight of all these strange and wonderful characters, plus the distant sound of menacing laughter is enough to make any non-goth run the opposite direction.
In my case, going to the ball felt something like entering a horror house—a nauseating mix of fear and intimidation clawed at my throat and begged me to please turn back while I could, but the pleas were buried by an overwhelming curiosity and so, after heaving a breath, I went in.
There is no smile so disarming as one thrown in your direction by a man wearing black lipstick and fake blood, nothing quite as charming as a girl giggling under her black veiled hat. There is no sight as striking as a couple in matching Edwardian costumes bobbing their heads in perfect synchronicity to the music, or women clad in spikes and chains dancing freely to broken beats.
The place was rife with images of death but life still pulsed powerfully through the crowd, and when the music started to play, it exploded.

On the line-up that night were a slew of unfamiliar but arresting names, all of them with a portentous ring: Prominence of Cathedrals, Corvus Crowley, FDog13, Windfall, Scarlette, Shaffi and the Demonettes, and DJs Fleschwounds, Wapbamm, Vampire Lestat, Boadicea, and Chaos Cradle.
There was also Scarlet Tears, whose vocalists’ soaring voice induced chills. The band Switch had people jumping around and flailing uncontrollably, its mix of electronica and metal satisfying those in need of some honest-to-goodness slamming.

There was the all-female group, Ode to La Luna, a talented foursome whose unique sound can be described to some extent as the love child of Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky and the Phantom of the Opera score.
And then there was Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, whose set early on in the night was the best welcome to a goth ball anyone could have hoped for.
 Their set was a slow descent into shadows, a gradual unraveling of the mind into delicious madness. As the band set up and tuned their instruments, the vocalist Mr. Bones, ravishing in fake blood, seized the microphone, alternating between sounds of maniacal laughter and rasping cries.
By the time their set began, the machines were blowing fog onto the stage so that it felt like some fantasy circus had finally arrived in town on a cloud of dark magic. The band’s guest vocalist took hold of the other microphone and promptly produced a sound no one would ever have expected to come from such a sweet-faced girl.
The band’s spectacle and theatrics was a wordless crash course on goth, and through only several songs, the crowd’s otherworldly costumes and their deathly predispositions suddenly made sense.
The band’s percussionist who goes by the stage name Jester worded it simply and perfectly later on in the night.
 “It’s circus,” he told this writer, as a new band played their screaming song in the background.  
 “We play the way people played in the old days,” he explained with a smile and a flourish.
As visions of darkness and death in the form of costumed people shuffled past him unapologetically, he added, “It’s theater, it’s spectacle.”
His words rang true, not only for the band, but for the entire shadowy world contained in that dark space on that Halloween night. – YA, GMA News

Photos courtesy of Dindin San Juan

Itim ang kulay ng Halloween sa Eternal Death Wake



Pagdating ko sa Eternal Death Wake na ginanap sa B-Side, Makati City nitong Oktubre 31, tila naligaw ang suot kong bughaw na cardigan at pink na polo sa gitna ng mga nakaitim na goth, ang nag-organisa ng Halloween na pagdiriwang na iyon.
Kakaiba ang mga goth—mula sa kanilang pagkabighani sa kulay itim na makikita sa kanilang magagarbo at kakaibang pananamit, hanggang sa musikang pinapakinggan nila na tila makulimlim at mala-teatro.

Ayon sa, ang mga goth ay isang subkultura na may kakaibang panlasa sa musika, iba't ibang relihiyon, iba't ibang pamumuhay, libangan, at fashion sense ngunit kumportable naman silang kasama ang ibang tao na hindi tulad nila.

Sa aking pagpasok, tila isang magarbong circus ang aking natunghayan dahil sa kanilang mala-costume na kasuotan at pagdadala sa sarili.

Maraming naka-bodice, corset, boots, mahabang palda na may ruffles, studs at spikes, iba't ibang kulay na wig, at pag-anyong ibang karakter sa pamamagitan ng maskara.  

Kabilang sa mga palamuti sa mukha ang may mga hitsurang pusa, makakapal, maputi, at madugong make-up, at mala-bampirang contact lens habang nakikinig ng awitin na mahahalintulad sa isang teatro.

Ang bandang "Mister Bones and the Boneyard Circus" halimbawa, ay hindi mapapantayan ang kasuotan maliban sa kanilang namumukod-tanging musika.

Nakasuot ng blazer na may mantsa ng dugo ang bokalista ng banda, at sa loob nito ay may makapal na makalumang vest na parang nakita ko na sa isang bampirang pelikula. Mahaba at magulo ang buhok niya, at mayroon siyang kakaibang estilo ng pananalita at pag-awit.

Mala-saloon girl naman ang suot ng kasamahan nitong babae na mala-tigre o leon ang estilo ng pagkanta. Pati ang kanilang gitarista ay nakaitim, na hinaluan ng gold na maskara at top hat na may disenyong bungo sa harap.

Gayunman, may iilang dumalo na simpleng itim na damit, pantalon, at rubber shoes o tsinelas lang ang suot.

Kabilang sa kanila ang bokalista ng "Switch" na si Ian, na kasama sa mga bandang tumugtog sa naturang pagdiriwang.

Nakatali ang buhok, nakaitim na T-shirt at pantalon, ipinakita nitong hindi porke't goth ay kailangang magsuot ng kakaiba upang magkaintindihan ang isa't isa sa emosyon, musika, at sa kanilang kalooban. – YA, GMA News

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